Testimonial: The carpet cleaning job was the best I’ve had done..

I discovered Steve Nealgrove and his company after finding out he had left Mr Gleam, which used to clean my carpets, windows and Venetian blinds. Being houseproud and ultra-neat and working from home, I like everything thoroughly cleaned regularly. My flat has cream carpets throughout, Venetian blinds (as it is west-facing) and a 1930s-vintage kitchen with an old cooker which needs a regular clean.

Steve’s colleague cleaned the carpets, windows and kitchen beautifully in short order, and with minimal fuss while I was working, and I paid less than all three previous companies I’ve used. The carpet cleaning job was the best I’ve had done. Both Steve and his colleague were friendly, helpful and efficient and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone in Brighton & Hove

Andy in Hove

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